What is Small Outline Diode (SOD)?

There are various types of semiconductor and IC packages, such as Small Outline Diode (SOD) and Small Outline Transistor (SOT).

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  • Small Outline Diode (SOD) Definition
  • Types of Small Outline Diode (SOD)

Small Outline Diode (SOD) Definition

Small Outline Diode (SOD) Definition

SOD stands for "Small Outline Diode". SOD is the name of the package for surface mounting of diodes.

There are various types of Small Outline Diode (SOD) such as "SOD-123", "SOD-323F", and "SOD-523" depending on the package size and lead shape.

In addition, there are various names for the same package shape depending on the manufacturer. For example, SOD-523 is called "EMD2" by ROHM and "SMini2-F5-B" by Panasonic.

Small Outline Diode (SOD) has the following characteristics.


  • SOD is the name of the surface-mount package for diodes, so the pin count is 2 pins.
  • Generally, the larger the number after SOD, the smaller the package size.
  • If "F" or "FL" is added after "SOD-000", the lead shape will be "flat lead". If there is no "F" or "FL" after "SOD-000", the lead shape is "gull wing" (for example, SOD-323F and SOD-323FL are flat lead shapes, but SOD-323 is a gull wing lead shape).

Types of Small Outline Diode (SOD)

The types of Small Outline Diode (SOD) are listed in the table below. Please note that even if the package code is the same, the size, etc. may vary depending on the manufacturer, so please use this information only as a reference.

Lead TypePinsSize
Notation Method
for each manufacturer
SOD-123Gull wing21.6×3.5×0.8
SC-109BFlat Lead21.6×3.5×0.8【Panasonic】
SOD-323SC-76Gull wing21.25×2.5×1.0
Flat Lead21.25×2.5×0.7ROHM
SOD-523SC-79Flat Lead20.8×1.6×0.6【Panasonic】
SOD-723SC-104AFlat Lead20.6×1.4×0.5【Panasonic】
SOD-923SC-116AFlat Lead20.6×1.0×0.38【Panasonic】
SOD-882No Lead20.6×1.0×0.38【Panasonic】
SOD-962No Lead20.3×0.6×0.3【ROHM】
SOD-963No Lead20.6×1.0×0.4
SOD-106DO-214ACJ Lead22.6×5.0×2.0【ROHM】


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  • Small Outline Diode (SOD) Definition
  • Types of Small Outline Diode (SOD)

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